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Mitigating Loss & Liability Due to Theft and Fraud

When business owners have a security alarm system installed, they establish their first line of defense. They are able to deter and detect unwanted or unauthorized entry into their buildings.  

The next step in their plan to mitigate loss and liability concerns is to deploy a CCTV Camera System for the purpose of documenting the events that take place on the business premise. While the results vary, many business owners have experienced a reduction in loss between 25%-50% after investing in a CCTV Camera System…some even higher. 

ConnectSmart Systems designs and installs High Definition (HD) MegaPixel Camera systems to deter retail theft and fraudulent Slip and Fall or Workers Comp. claims, and document them should they occur. Now, with the portability of technology, you can view your business location from your smartphone or other Internet-compatible devices.  Let ConnectSmart Systems help you get to the next level in your business security strategy.

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Don’t Gamble with Your Business Security Cameras

Here’s a list of three major concerns for business success and how video surveillance can help you.

Loss Prevention
Minimizing loss from burglary, theft, and inventory shrinkage. Video can:

  • Monitor for shoplifters and dishonest employees
  • Thwart theft and ensure the security of the premises
  • Observe and record theft or violence by overtly monitoring retail floor space, office buildings, building perimeters, warehouses, loading docks, and parking lots
  • Monitor point-of-sale exceptions (cash register voids, over-rings, etc.) to reduce cashier theft

Risk Management
Liability, workplace violence, drug usage and harassment, etc. Video can:

  • Compile recorded evidence against suspected fraudulent slip n fall or workers comp liability claims
  • Monitor hazardous work areas
  • Ensure security of parking facilities

Business Operations
Keeping the business running smoothly, such as productivity, logistics, and workplace safety. Video can:

  • Identify visitors and their traffic patterns
  • Observe employee productivity
  • Be used to train employees
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